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    Today, I've something different to share with you
    Not a story but a real life incident.
    Hope you guys find it useful.
    So once there was a girl who was living far away from her family for her education. Since, it was her first time living with completely unknown people in a new city facing a new environment
    it become actually difficult for her to manage.
    One day , while returning to her hostel from her Institution in the bus ; she was extremely upset because something bad happened with her. She was just crying, her mental state was disturbed that she couldn't think of anything other than what happened with her.
    A woman was sitting next to her, few girls were sitting besides her, nobody really noticed her.
    Suddenly, she noticed a guy who was staring at her, she felt uncomfortable but as she was in so much of pain she didn't tell anybody that someone was making her feel miserable by his inappropriate actions.
    She ignored that person and kept on crying.
    Her stop came and she got down from the bus and she started aheading towards her hostel.
    As soon as she got down, she realized that the same guy who was staring at her also got down and started following her.
    She got scared and started walking faster.
    Suddenly, the guy ran and came in front of her.
    The girl took a step back and was trembling with fear because a person from nowhere encountered her in such a weird way.
    Before she could do anything, the guy said
    Hello, first of all I sincerely apologize if I made you felt unbearable I've no bad intentions for you.
    I was observing you in the bus since the moment you took it, you were crying the whole way.

    I request you not to take any wrong step that would prove harmful to your life and your family.
    Please tell me if anything wrong has happened with you. Does someone behaved or touched you in an inappropriate way?
    Please confine me, we'll go to the Police Station.
    We'll file an FIR. I'll help you with everything whatever I can but please stop crying.
    Upon listening this, the girl was left speechless because that was so unexpected for her.
    She couldn't believe what just happened with her.
    She took a deep breathe and told the guy that thank you so much for your kind words and the way you behaved to me and I'm very sorry that I misunderstood you.
    I was just lost that moment and I'm crying because today few of my fellow mates in my Institution where I study, made fun of me, demotivated me and said that I wouldn't be able to do anything in my life.
    They ganged up against me and made me felt bad about myself, I was never treated like this before.
    I'm new here , I just don't know how would I be able to face all this negativism that people throw on me being a small town girl.
    I want to go back home
    The guy in reply said,
    Look, it doesn't matter whether you're from big city or a small town if you believe in yourself, you would make anything possible .
    ANYTHING, mark my words.
    And your fellow mates, they're just dogs who keep barking and you can't shut them up because they won't.
    In your life, you'll get to meet many kinds of persons who will motivate you, appreciate you, drag you down ; it depends on you to choose how to respond to them
    Be Brave enough to handle all the hate you get becoz that's a part of your struggle which helps you to shape yourself.
    Don't care too much, don't let it affect yourself mentally or physically.
    Say NO with a genuine smile to the unimportant because at the end actions speak louder than words and never cry because our tears are precious to our parents who have raisd us with affection and care.
    Always remember if you think positive in a negative situation, you will definitely win because that's how the nature is.
    And with this, the girl's bad day turned out to be the most beautiful day of her life because she not only learnt the importance of believing oneself but also realized that this world do consists of good people who believe in helping and serving others.
    To all the readers, I just want to say that
    Congratulations you've come this far in your life, keep believing in yourself and ignore all the negative vibes that people share with you.
    A limitless potential lies inside you and you know it
    Just keep you, your goals and your family - your priority.
    Also, never judge others. Not everyone is bad in this world.
    Help those who are in need, don't ignore them because your kind actions can bring a smile back on a face
    Because you can light up someone's dark world.
    And to all the females out there, never never stay quiet if you feel uncomfortable by someone's inappropriate actions. You are not weak. You are power.
    At last let's be better humans.
    Help, serve and spread positivity.

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    A Real Life Incident

    Let's be Better Humans.