• inspirationworld 10w


    Fear of Bulldogs
    Made them a watchdog
    Fear of strangers hug
    Made the townies tugs

    But why spilling the blue bloods?
    Why not spearing the white bloods?
    But why you; aren't we bloods?
    Africa to Africa should aid system as bloods

    Leucocytses, trombocyte, erythrocytes
    Are all bloods making man to live
    Lo! Africans; Let's use our foresights
    To make our nation die not, and live

    Whites authority are limited by sovereignty
    And limitation visited their supremacy
    Why us again with temerity
    Fall not the fact of democracy

    We're brothers expected of a nose to breathe
    Eat through a mouth and voice as one
    Where is the source of the heat?
    Hope it isn't a terrestrial manipulation from one?