• ritvik_tuteja 6w

    The Accountable Image Consultant

    Mumma's girl rightly pronounced
    A carbon copy with a legacy individual
    Family before everything is a tradition
    Which she lives by with intensity & vehemence
    From being extremely healthy,
    She turned to being slender & willowy
    An aspect she carries with grace & appreciation
    To be the best version of oneself every second

    In a family of accountants, more like philomaths
    Unthinking she chose to keep alive the heritage
    However, life drives all to inner artistry
    Her career switched to appearance creation
    Following the artist instincts within,
    She aspires a distinct legacy creation
    Dedication & loyalty, her essential hallmarks
    To her character, they be the spark

    A strong believer of a perfectly simple life
    The ideal best is what she always strives
    Preferring the best time spent with oneself
    To rediscover, get better & make a difference