• raghavendran 9w

    What We Owe to Nature

               What We Owe to Nature

    In our worldly life that we lead
    There often comes a need
    To seek help of some kind
    To which we ourselves bind;

    We owe someone or the other
    Money as principal and interest together,
    That’s what we to others owe
    Whether it be to John, George or Joe;

    A demand comes for what we owe
    When we are late or slow
    To return what we were lent
    For which notices had been sent;

    Nature never demands a pound of flesh
    Nor the celestial elements do us enmesh,
    As Shylock in his tricky game
    Did to gain his ambitious claim;

    Nature from us demands none,
    Neither the stars nor the sun,
    Nor the winds, nor the rain
    From all of whom we always gain,

    We owe to Nature a great lot
    For what from Nature we’ve got,
    The debt is beyond numerical measure
    And the gift is an invaluable treasure;

    Far valuable are these gifts of Nature,
    For taller are they in stature,
    They never demand what we owe,
    We repay the debt when respectful we grow.

    Raghav R