• shabditaasthana 10w

    If you think you know quantum physics, you don't know quantum physics.

    #science #physics #quantumtheory #time #relativity #spacetime

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    I was told,
    The interval between two events,
    Is time.
    I pondered,
    "What is interval?"
    A gap- I answered
    To myself.
    "Gap between what?"
    I wondered.
    Gap is between space- Again, I answered.
    That was when,
    The space-time nexus had entangled me.
    It is not us,
    Who invented time.
    We have made it relative, for sure.
    But we are either,
    Too large to pass through the slit.
    To see those waves interfering.
    Or too small to explore the cosmos.
    And just not perfect enough,
    To understand TIME.