• comical_error 23w

    Can you remember when we first met, you all girly me in that hat?
    Awkward stares wondering if we liked each other letting our mums chat.

    Then there were that nerve racking first day at school.
    I stood at the bus stop an hour early and you saw me from your window, I felt such a fool.

    As we'd already vaguely met you bragged at school about how you already knew me so we automatically became best friends.
    But to be fair it was like we were sisters, at no point did we have to pretend.

    It went from there really, two girls in a world and they'd had a wavy ride in life.
    We related a lot because we both knew what it was like to see a man hurt a wife.

    But even discarding the emotional terms in which we related.
    There was so much more, a whole new form or humor we created.

    We laughed for hours sometimes days.
    Most private jokes, even our parents didn't understand our laughing rage.

    We had many conversations on how we believed our relationship was spiritual, something so rare.
    We didn't understand how two friends could carry so much understanding and care.

    Even in high school we had plans to own an estate called k and J avenue.
    We laugh now, but at the time that shit was happening, a plan in glue.

    Then came along boys.
    We handed them our hearts as toys.
    So with our hearts they played and played.
    And we cried to each other a lot, yet or friendship stayed.

    We got wrapped up in stuff we shouldn't not just boys but drugs.
    You in your pink jacket in my room listening to N dubz.
    Not my proudest of moments but not a thing I'd change.
    I wouldn't change anything, as I was with you stage by stage.

    After that we went on to have children of our own.
    A little young yes, but wow look how they've grown.
    They love each other so much their connection so real, they love each other just as much as we do.
    Early on in this poem I mentioned how we didn't understand how two friends could carry so much care, I've figured it out, it's because I truly love you.

    Yes things have got messy and if I'm honest I lost track of how, things are different and things are scattered.
    But please not for one moment think that the relationship I just described is battered.
    K and J avenue is still very much there, only we're on different streets.
    Just know our moments, tears and secrets I'll alway keep.