• naina__writes 10w

    And She Changed

    When I saw her..
    she glowed like a fresh flower in its blooms
    sparking like the most beautiful star
    Smiling like all smiles were within her
    And her conversation seemed like the most interesting one
    And I didn't focused what she was wearing because the attributes,etiquettes she wore were enough to inspire me..
    yeah I'm not talking about nowadays stories that a guy got inspired from a girl and that inspiration was actually that temporary love...I'm talking about a girl with dreams but no sources..life but no happiness..Voice but no speech confidence..And then a day comes in her life that She gets to know about some inspirations in Front of her..btw people nowadays get jealous when they know about some great people than them..and when it comes to inspirations they're like we are ok with us..Even though sometimes changes in life are important I guess..Changing your dressing or lifestyle in the manner of luxuries isn't the exact manner of changing your life..Making new tracks..some great hobbies..some better partners..some better thoughts..So yeah when she inspired someone she trynna copy her attributes..but she thought something was different..Cuz the girl she inspired was also someone like her but she changed because of some tragic moment's in her life which in her perspective were tragic like some special people left her..she lost some..she got some who later told her they were her mistake..she lost luxuries..she lost many..because all she was losing hope and we know that regaining hope..trust is not that easy as it seems like..She was told not to cry as it will break her down..Not to regret which actually was meant to be said so she can regret because like she lost all those because of her stupidness..
    But some times some incidents in life occur only to tell you how to handle more like them..and who are the people deserved to be trusted..
    And she saw many examples like, the clown making all laugh and laughing himself instead but no one knew how much stressed he is..how much he had cried under that happiness..smiling mask..And we thought he was the happiest..There comes something that "Don't jugde a book by its cover"
    and She knew then that cry in front of other instead of burying all those sad things in you and then their spirits are gonna effect you more worse then them..And being happy..smiling in front of others and crying inside you will make you depressed..sad..and you'll forget to express emotions ..
    She saw young kids begging and remembered losing her luxuries but the difference in her and them was she was regretting and those who even had luxuries once were happier than her..laughing a bit..Not that much fun which rich kids have but they were having fun. they also got partners..discussing.laughing and getting to know life was too much fun if you want to have in that particular track.They knew how to be happy without having motivated or reading novels to get back to life which I mostly do..
    She learnt not to regret because that won't effect her life in a positive manner..
    And smile without having those luxuries which aren't compulsory for a complete happy life..
    She also got to know that some people are necessary on life to share burdens..smiles..sadness..your lame activities with you..so you can't be totally alone but remove all negative people from life immediately or otherwise direct contact(no positive people) with them destroys you...
    She saw smiling people and the reason behind them were there parents as well.infact the biggest reason..Parents are the source to everything your Adventures..your lameness..pyur expenditures source..your partners in everything..
    She saw some divorced women's and knew that her break ups weren't that Much bad..Because those women's loved someone..They married..lived and suddenly was removed from that specific persons life but they had moved on so how can't she because only spent a few time with those distrustful people ..she moved on
    And these examples became too much enough for her that she smiled...she got happiness..partners..partners..And trust the main thing hope was regained.
    Hope all other's like her get some daily life examples and inspiration to move on and live the life like it is meant to be..
    And then others get inspired from her..
    this becomes source of happiness..