• oxyedition 9w

    Hyperbolic Desertion

    I loved you, you attested
    I cared for you,they became jealous
    I defended you,the Judiciary acknowledged
    I fought for you,the military felt betrayed
    I did all for you,I lost priority in myself
    Your opinion always mine
    You made the laws, I followed

    But humanity is a curse!
    You equitted all to nothing
    You forgot nothing
    Is, was your absolute right
    And took it all for granted
    Maybe you couldn't see
    Because I was around

    Slowly things falled apart
    Attachment slowly detached
    The rift was drifting
    Definitely the force was unresistable
    I felt okay alone...
    I wasn't okay!
    Though it was okay not to be okay
    The fireworks became bloody red!!

    I got hold of my armury
    All weapons at my control
    I could attack and defend
    Atleast I had some peace
    Not on the face but...
    In the heart

    I had to leave
    And love me first
    Not with an intention
    To ever love anymore
    "The Gardner became the flower."