• goddess_of_blazingwords 11w

    When your eyes filled with sadness
    I would be here in times of darkness.
    This feeling triggered by love
    Our spirits craving each other
    Heart beats intertwine
    Thinking out loud for the sacrifices made for love's sake
    When separation prostrates before us
    We'd hug each other tightly firmly glued to one another.

    The sting of loneliness,
    Causing cramps to our soul
    Trapped in this mystery world,
    Love would be our guide
    Breaking the chains that once held us apart.
    In pain we burn
    In love we bond
    Together we shall pen the eternal words with tears as our ink

    I'd light again your quenched fire
    Igniting Strength deep down your soul filling its void
    And then we shall grow stronger, even when we're older our love would blossom forever
    Keep the fire burning
    The dearest one
    Bambi's Words
    Hope Bomate Nelson