• anuvibishika 6w

    Frozen Foliage

    You breathe for one last time
    Where your dreams and desires freeze
    Only for you to repose on the
    soft soil and rest in peace
    You espied the seed sprouting
    And the luscious green leaf germinating
    Moving through the
    ebb and flows of every season
    The madrugada mizzle deposits
    on the leaf as a drop of dew
    And the foliage grows old turning
    into feuillemort hue
    The leaf descends back to its source
    And its falling signifies a life that served as an epitome of a beautiful rhythmic verse
    Recurring is the cycle of birth and death
    But the memories of this one life-
    You hold in your last breath
    Your soul may have departed
    this corporeal cage
    But the vital life force permeates the Cosmic book embracing its every single page
    Your life's story
    Is akin to the leaf's journey
    Bubbling with zeal during efflorescence
    Growing through the days
    You imbibe the beauty of life
    And muse upon its nature
    Which is engraved in evanescence
    Being all still and tranquil
    In the wafting breeze you freeze and lull
    Every leaf sprouts and dies
    But the tree is always alive
    So are you - In the Earthly plane
    You evolve grow and die
    But it's the Cosmic Consciousness
    That bakes the apple pie..
    03 September 2020... 1.54 Pm