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    Voodoo In The Hood

    Detective Cogart: Now tell me what happened? And start from the very beginning because what you had told me earlier did not make any sense to me, and the DA is sure as hell is not going to by your story.

    Tiara: I'm telling the truth, I wouldn't lie. I was at my grandma's crib, Well first, this is how it went down. I was stealing my cousin Travor things in his room.

    Cogart: why were you stealing?

    Tiara: I don't know, I just steal things that I really want.

    Cogart: you know this is going on your record? Everything you say is being recorded.

    Tiara: I'm not slow, I already know how y'all muthafuckas operate so will you just hear what I gotta say or I won't say nothin.

    Cogart: Go on, and your ass better watch your language in my interrogation room.

    Tiara: Well, I'm being honest with you detective, first I stole his music devices, and some of his money, and when I went in the basement I saw Trevor and his friends, Leo and Jaws coming in.

    Cogart: coming in where? 

    Tiara: from the outside into the basement, there is a outside door that leads to the basement.

    Cogart: I know that.

    Tiara: And I was playin it off so Trevor wouldn't see me cause I'm not allowed down there when he's not there. I took the stuff I stoled from him upstairs to put in my bag and I had to use the bathroom, and that's when I saw Leo lying on the floor dead, and everybody else was dead too.

    Cogart: I thought you said you saw the two of them coming in together through the basement dead, so how did Leo got in the bathroom?

    Tiara: I don't know how the hell he got there, I saw him first downstairs dead. And the next thing I saw him lying upstairs dead, Trevor was lying dead in the living room, and everybody else was dead too, except for my aunt Cassandra. We both was scared as fuck, so thats when I called the police, but they asses was asking me a lot of questions on the phone, so I just told them to hurry the fuck up, my family is dead. And then I hung up the phone. After I had hung up the phone, I turned my head towards my grandma's room and saw a boodoo doll standing by her door, it...

    Detective Cogart: Do you mean voodoo doll?

    Tiara: It's boodoo, but anyway, it was a ugly lil muthafucka, smiling at us with it's dark eyes, like it didn't care. Cassandra saw it too, you could hear her out, that's my witness.

    Cogart: The correct pronunciation is voodoo doll.

    Tiara: No, thats what we call it in the hood. Maybe that's how y'all white folks pronounce it, but in the hood in Brooklyn, we black folks call it boodoo. Like I was saying, Cassandra is my witness to this story, man.

    The cult

    Lucy: Good evening my boys.

    Audience: Good evening Lucy.

    Lucy: What we call ourselves?

    Audience: Brotherhood of Darkness.

    Lucy: Let us get our Bibles. Remember pain is gain, darkness is light, and madness is what?

    Audience: our sanity.

    Lucy: Madness is our sanity, good boys.


    (A knock on the door)

    Cogart (gets up and opens the door):

    Detective Roger: You by it?

    Cogart: I don't by it one bit, and the DA for hell sure isn't going to by some voodoo doll cult crap. I think she and her aunt had something to do with their family's death. What did you get out of her aunt?

    Roger: Her story is the same as hers, we gonna have to keep them in the hole for a while.

    Cogar (nods his head): let me get her. (Entering back in the room). If you don't confess what really happened, you and your aunt is going to prison for a very long time.

    Tiara: Fuck this shit, I need my lawyer, go get her.

    Cogart: We will get you your lawyer tomorrow.

    I know you all know that I am most known for my informative poems, rhyming poems and quotes. But I am also fascinated with horror stories. This is my second horror book I wrote this year. I would have gotten finished with it at the beginning of this pandemic, but somehow my writing file got deleted and I had to write it all over. I hated it because "Voodoo In The Hood" is a long story. I always turn my horror books into comic books I draw. My first horror book was "Believe In The Curious Dreamers." If you have not read those chapters on my page, please do so. It is towards the end of my stories page.
    "Voodoo In The Hood" is fiction but it some aspects of this story relates to my personal life. I have this book published on book publishing apps.
    Please comment below to let me know how did you like this first chapter? And let me know if you want me to submit more chapters of "Voodoo In The Hood" on Mirakee.

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