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    I saw the monster up close today. It was as majestic and scary as I had imagined it to be. For years I had been hearing about it in awe as the villagers described it in fear and horror. The tales which were supposed to keep us children in fear, from wandering into the Shadow Forest, only made me more curious.
    One day when it was my turn to venture into the forest to get firewood, I decided to go deeper and hoped to catch a glimpse of the thousand eyed monstrosity that sent even the strongest of the villagers screaming.
    I wandered about for almost an hour and the dusk was turning into night but the monster was nowhere to be seen. Disappointed I turned back and there it was to my surprise, the monster with the thousand eyes. My feet were glued to the ground as I tried to run away from it. Its majestic size and it's thousand blinking eyes scared the hell out of me. But I couldn't move. I was almost convinced that this was my last day being alive.
    I closed my eyes, waiting for the monster to devour me but when nothing happened, I opened my one eye to find that the monster was not in front of me. It had passed me and walking away from me. I turned around and called it out, in surprise. "Will you not eat me? I thought you were supposed to be a monster." It didn't turn back but a low growl came from it, "I don't eat meat. I'm a vegetarian."
    I burst into laughter then and there. The monster stopped, turned its head towards me, gave a wry smile and walked away. I ran back home to tell this to everyone. I ran from house to house and told the villagers about my encounter but to my surprise, no one believed me. I told to my mother but she didn't believe me even. She scolded me, "It is a giant monster. How can it not eat people? You're just imagining things or making a fool of everyone. Don't go deep into the forest again. Now go have your dinner and go to bed."
    That night I slept with a new understanding. Not about the giant eyeball monster, but about the humans who never bothered to ask it even a single thing about itself and judged it to be evil.