• mrrenegade 10w

    The whole system of blindfolded belief is exploitative and inhuman for gods do not exist in the realm of reality... neither demons...

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    Belief tends to evade the arbitrary barrier of naturalism while creating a susceptible delusion of omnipotence and omniscience..

    In the vague sense of tutelage, imaginary-despotic beings have evolved in the clouded minds of cryptic beings as an aggressive prejudice..

    Thus, contriving a conniving bunch of individuals with the authoritative sway over the affairs of the States...

    The priestly stature in the social construct mocks the human intelligence enforcing a sophisticated course of exploitation of wealth through discrimination and a spurious conviction of afterlife...

    Gods,demons,Angels and gorgons are a part of a megalomaniacal myth and their tales of woe determines the fallibility of human minds infecting the efficiency of gathering cognisance whilst outpouring hate in the folds of orthodoxy and bigotry

    as the methodical madness of dehumanisation..