• ritaonyia 9w

    Every dead body is a preacher

    Laying lifeless before the whole congregation,
    The sermons he enjoyed going on without the usual nods from pa Jo,
    The congregation stole glances at him and their face wore pity and disappointment,
    The family has tears escape freely and it drops too heavy to withhold.

    His good deeds had brought together life's and the society called him their hero,
    Young children were brought forward to witness his passing onto glory,
    He was laid to rest .

    Though he was dead, he preached love and unity,
    The dead body preached peace and perfect life,

    In life,we give to receive
    Keep up hopes for a better tomorrow,
    Live to die and die to live on.

    If at some point of life we think life is playing games with us,
    We should picture pa Jo's last time on earth,
    We should remember that the living still have hope that the dead doesn't,
    And that in all things,our lives matters.