• cole67 10w

    52 Plastic Bicycles:

    Fifty two little faces
    Fifty two friends,
    Four cities with shapes
    Two colors within.

    Four sets of grownups
    With four lifestyles,
    Nine little indians
    Never bring a smile.

    My poor little heart
    Needs a spaded shovel
    To dig up those clovers
    For diamonds to cuddle.

    That wild little number
    Jack with patched eye,
    A poor little Kingsman
    Who is ready to die.

    Stir up the woodlands
    Each grab your share,
    There's nothing to do
    But sit here and stare.

    Don't press your luck
    For that pot of gold,
    Belonging to a neighbor
    That just now was stole.

    Put on shade blockers
    To hide whats within,
    Don't give nothing away
    By bearing a grin.

    Two seperate couples
    The first floats a boat,
    The second couple
    A Royal Flush to gloat.

    I'm a legend in Vegas
    Filling up the tables,
    Fifty two plastic bicycles
    Kept in the same stable.