• zia_shah 26w


    My eyes are filled with dreams,
    the fire in me never dims.
    I always smile so bright,
    to clear the darkness with light.

    My hands are full of wishes,
    and I am so passionate these days.
    I always laugh out loud,
    To drown any sorrowful sound.

    I try to fight the demons away,
    'cause I don't want to become their prey
    But I can't always keep them at bay,
    so at times, life becomes dull and grey.

    Seems like I am not enough for me,
    right now I really need somebody.
    One who can have faith in me,
    one who can protect my soul and body.

    Have some faith in me.
    Have some trust in me.
    Have some hope in me.
    Have some patience with me.

    Tell me I can do this,
    Tell me I am not wrong,
    Give me something to hold on,
    Because in this raging battle,
    I am alone...