• beaubearic 5w

    Yolo Solo

    It's so low cuz he stays so high
    He stays solo cuz his angel flys
    She passed away in her ride
    With their son by her side
    And he survived
    But still has nightmares collide
    Screaming for his mom at night
    While he sat behind bars confined
    For some petty crimes
    But now he has to raise two sons who
    Wonder why
    So one might say him and god have never seen eye to eye
    I'm talkin about the type of guy
    Who rides souly to get by
    For his kids to enjoy life
    Hes humbled from sacrifice
    And if you say hes a good guy type
    He'll say that ain't right
    Talkin about a guy that's paid his price
    In full ya maybe twice
    And hes ruined lives by sellin ice
    And hes wasted life with glass in his eyesight
    But the love in his heart froze like ice
    The second he found out she died
    He goes on for his kids cleaned up his methods
    It's a common problem when he misses her lips
    It makes his mind beg for a hit
    But he stays clean and admits
    this was a promise he made to his chick
    the same morning their car flipped
    The worst of it was his son and his love were on their way to the prison for a surprise visit but never made it
    How can I feel joy when my actions got me locked up and it was my family who got destroyed.
    -they call me Solo
    If you didnt know me before now you do know. I hope my story makes a few change roads so they dont lose what doesnt have to go.