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    Wrote the whole journey of mothers in short ��

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    Mother: beautiful journey full of sacrifices

    Her journey started when her mother held her in arms for the first time.
    Touched her little fingers for the first time.
    Battled with death and won her,
    That's how she rewarded her mother with
    "motherhood" the first time.
    She became a sister, a daughter, a niece,
    She was her family's heart-peace.
    God knows how time passed by
    Her father's princess, her mother's apple of eyes
    Grown up to be the queen of a king's palace.
    "Whom would I tease, whom would I play with, whom with I share my heart's deep secrets? "
    Her brother cried and smiled at the same time, on the day when she adopted someone's surname.
    Her father never showed his tears yet failed to hide it, feeling nostalgic.
    "Who would care for me like mother?" Her parents couldn't resist but cried.
    "Start your new life. A beautiful future is waiting for you. Best wishes." Most precious blessing she got from mother.
    "Don't be afraid. We'll be always there whenever you need" comforted the crying bride's family.
    Leaving everything back for her husband was her first sacrifice.
    She worked day and night.
    The price for being best employee and daughter-in-law all was just paid by work-load but her destiny wanted more.
    She came along with all these until God blessed her one day.
    It was her time to fight death-battle.
    It was her time to win. Her time to feel.
    Her time to achieve "Motherhood".
    Her first sacrifice as a mother.
    Giving her child name of father ,
    She asked no credicts,
    "Its rule of living" taught by her mother.
    She took care of her child like a flower.
    Wore on head like diamond in her crown.
    Giving all the manners a good person should have.
    The child being unaware the reason behind his/her well being, how would one know the day she hold her child promised herself she would do anything for her child's well being.
    One more sacrifice as a mother she chose her child beyond her passion.
    Time went by like a butterfly, gave beautiful memories yet hard to catch.
    When her child found his/her match she gave up the habit of being possessive to be better version of mother-in-law.
    Sacrificed once again for her child's relationship's sake. Who say her motherhood is fake?
    Once again God accepted her prayers.
    She was blessed with "Grandmother title".
    The closest to a grandchild's heart.
    She was her grandchild's friend, secret keeper and how can we not mention? Second mother of course.