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    To be continued..

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    Part 4

    I was impressed by his personality and his approach. He looked very smart by the way he was carrying himself. I replied him saying, "Hi, I am Sakshi Sharma. Nice to meet you." He said that he was pursuing his music degree and had a dream to someday become a music director. His career option was the second thing that impressed me. I said him that I was doing my first year of MBA and wanted to start up my own business. We then parted and I joined my sister on the stage. Finally all the wedding ceremonies were over and my Di just went away with a blink of an eye. For a few days after my sister had gone, the home looked so very quiet but after that everything was back in place. Everyone were back to their routine. I got up early in the morning and left for collage. I studied at one of the most reputed universities of Bangalore. I was sitting in my lecture class when suddenly it flashed to me that it was Ajay and Aditi's birthday.