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    To the guy I loved a lot , a lot
    I hope we meet a few years later , at a roadside book stall , finding books of two completely different genres. Sometimes I still think of you sitting on a table with half a cup of coffee ,(you ain't that fond of coffee or tea ik but to be warm you wouldn't mind half a cup right ? ) your favourite diary and a black pen , penning down the first chapter of your next book and this scenario directly takes me to another dream of seeing you sitting with your mom and dad on the stage , introducing your newest creation with a beautiful painting besides the table with your book on it . A very abstract painting , just like your emotions, messy yet beautiful. A masterpiece so beautifully held by the canvas and graced by your signature at the right corner of it.
    You know we stop chasing the person we love after love stops chasing us. It does not vanish all of a sudden , it just converts into thoughts , memories , grudges , pain , cravings and empathy , more understanding and warmth. One day , suddenly my phone switched off and just took away all your pictures , screenshots of our conversations, your messages , everything and I had no backup , just like I had no alternative but to love you. I wasn't crying for you everyday after we stopped talking, like I used to when we were in touch earlier, I wasn't waiting for a reply to hundreds of texts and tens of messages I'd send you each day , I wasn't worried of losing you anymore , I wasn't thinking of you like I used to think before. You were there , you still are but now I know I don't have to look for you when it gets dark , I haven't stopped walking at night, I just carry a torch now. I don't wait for your good night text to sleep , I wish for your well being and that's my part , all that I am supposed to do. I haven't forgotten you , it's just that I think of so many other things now. I hope you still put up that smile and have started carrying some food while traveling back to home without me being there to remind you.

    - Vasundhara

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    Dear P
    Winters are here , I hope you are wearing an extra layer and drinking warm water.