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    You are mine forever

    My baby boy,

    You are so adorable , that i can't stop saying that you are totally mine. I haven't thought that our love story would come this far that we would be craving for each other ,without each other . I have never felt this kind of love before . Every touch of yours give me more chill and makes. Me feel more worthy . Every touch of your lips is so sensational and seductive that i ask for more without any hesitation . I cannot think of losing that the fear of mine that i might lose you someday.

    We will have to fight for us ,for our love to win ,we will fight together without sacrificing each other .
    Promise me ,that you will never give up on us . Our love is strong and our love is our strength , apart from god , nothing can seperate us .God wanted us to be one because we know we have suffered enough and needed each other.

    Written by - @nezifa_ hazarika
    Featured - @bhaskar.