• knjwrites 5w

    I Know Things Are Tough, But Please Don't Go...

    Sometimes gray clouds block out the sun,
    Sometimes the damage has been done,
    Sometimes a war is lost or is won

    But sometimes after the rain
    The flowers grow,
    Time eases pain
    Though it doesnt seem that way,
    Things are changing every day

    In your head
    In your mind,
    Thoughts are changing all the time

    We learn
    We grow
    Although it might not seem; it shows
    You are worthy of more than you know

    I love to see you smile,
    Smile some more
    Although your heart is tender and sore,
    You are like a bird; you soar
    High above land
    You dip your talons in the sand

    In the ocean breeze
    You are a spirit that is so free
    You deserve so much more than you can see
    You mean more than you know to me
    Please, please don't ever leave...