• shwetapens 10w

    Summer afternoons

    The unfortunate pandemic, gifted her a valuable gift, time. Spending this time with family was bliss. At the same time the experience was new. None of them remembered spending their time so luxuriously. She could generously spare some time for herself too. It was as though time ceased to exist.

    From her windowsill, she would watch afternoons dip into the golden of the sun, blooming like Bougainvillea.
    But then again, change is inevitable. Uninvited gloomy grey clouds took over and soon the afternoons ceased to exist.

    A spell of rains, left a heavy dampness in the afternoon that weighed upon her. She felt something sinking with in her. Change can be uncomfortable too, just like grey gloomy days and gloomy moonless night.

    Day passed, night came over, the heavy dampness stayed. Sleep eluded her that night. Her monkey mind chattered away. She opened the windows to light a spliff, a much needed break from the chattering. The quiet night, accompanied by the croaking of the frogs and a faint essence of petrichor awaited her. The trees danced with the cool, gentle breeze.

    The dampness had slowly lifted its weight off her. The breeze carried the petrichor to her. Her lips broke into a smile. She smiled because the petrichor brought with it, the joy she had left behind in the afternoons of summer.