• umatrivedi 5w

    Last Day Of Monsoon.

    It was raining today just like the other days of Monsoon but the mere thought of you made it look beautiful and soothing, contradictory to the fact that I hate rainy days. The little droplets of water seemed to be kissing my cheeks like you used to. The breeze played with my hair, until it got entangled with themselves, like you used to . It washed away all the tiredness off of me just like you used.

    This last day of Monsoon Season reminded me that we don't value something until its gone. But ....it never reminded you of me , you disappeared just like all of the promises you made of "until eternity" . You left me behind in the rain with an umbrella and as you got out of my sight you took each of my breath away as if you were slowly killing me like a poison. I just wonder if we just meet across a random street would you smile at me , run towards me , hug me and apologize and kiss me to eternity erasing all the distances we had created for last few years. But.. I think I'll just end up wondering ...