• ovelace 10w

    #g loved###

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    The bridge that connect us

    We stand apart away from each other
    Darkness fills me and you surrounded with light
    My heart yearns for your surrounded light
    A glittering glimpse I desire from you as we stand apart from each other

    The wind blew and your name I did hear
    So sweet I couldn't resist the fragrance it brought
    The name beginning with J came with hope
    My hopeless face glittering with hope when at last I heard it's JESUS

    Now with joy I jumped and tried a race
    That we together will be in your light
    Limbless I felt then weeping sore I felt
    touch and heard soothing voice say...
    "There is a bridge look ahead."
    My bereft face shone so bright with life
    strength I felt and moved by your miracle...