• rishabh3007 6w

    Unspoken love

    She can see the reflection of love for her in his eyes,
    He gets the priceless smile from her as a reward for his unconditional love,

    She feels safe in the presence of his shadow,
    He also don't need to hold her in his arms to protect her,

    She has given the key of her top most secrets to him,
    He keeps her pricious talks safe with him in the locker of his heart,

    She cries with the smile on her face when she is in trouble,
    He can easily feel the humidity level of her eyes hidden behind each blink by her to mantain the large width of her lips,

    She can listen his each unspoken word.
    He aslo decides to communicate with her through his eyes

    Is it necessary to confess love by words,
    If yes, then how can you express the feeling wich is meant to be felt
    (Rishabh Arora)