• akankshaaaa 6w


    Summer’s gone
    And entire days were spent in your arms, laying side to side,

    Love, lips, teeth, tongue
    Tongue, teeth, lips, love

    All lined up in perfect harmony.

    Heaven lies
    right where i do.
    Somewhere between your chest and shoulder blades
    where the sun sets

    When it’s night,
    I call your name
    and we talk for hours,
    hours, days, weeks, spent
    spent with a smile,
    and you say
    “love is unpredictable like me”

    And i ask
    “Is it?”
    Does it
    remind you of all things
    beautiful and damaged
    And in ruins
    like me?

    And you think
    of stars and of my eyes
    and all things beautiful
    and wild

    Stars that are dead
    But still shine
    are the ones
    that reflect in my eyes

    And you look
    You look for hope
    And love, and life
    in them

    And i’d ask the universe
    “What could be more beautiful?”

    than you who finds
    beauty in chaos
    who cherishes it
    like a love song
    in which all the words are sad

    Like you.

    Like life.