• emla_biju 46w

    Hey dear @universe_
    Well today is ur bday sris!
    So I wish u a very happy bday
    I know it's not that much happy bday cz u are having ur exams starting frm today..anyways i m glad I have a frnd like u..I never ever imagined when we first met three years back that u are going to be so close to me..actually aps ambala ws really a amazing schl..I got so mny gud frnds frm there like u..but u are the one whom I talk on daily basis..I m happy that my ex schlmates hv so much respect nd luv for me..I can never forget aps ambala nd the frnds it gave me..
    I remember our frnds forever grp even that was my first girls grp..nd we four people in that grp was just amazing..the games we used to play nd even the topics we used to debate on..I was sad that the grp frm one year isn't active anymore after jiya gone to hostel ..but still I m glad I talk to u almost everyday..I still miss our class during 6th class....
    I was too sad when I got know u were leaving the schl nd was getting transferred to other place..WE were hardly together for one year but still that one year was awesome i still remember those days...I even asked u why u were going in one year cz we all live two or three years in a particular place..nd u gave a reason which I seriously don't remember....I missed u..after that in one year even i left the schl...as u I didn't even want to go to a new place again again (UK how it feels changing schl in every 3 years but we can't do anything that's where our destiny is)..tho i don't mean my this schl isnt gud..I have wonderful frnds here too like @sakshi37 but as every person is different u have a special corner in my heart ^_^ {I even wanted to say that I luv the nickname u gave me it just bring a smile on me ;)}
    I will never forget the things u have done for me, the support u had given me.
    U are best, just stay as u are! Ur write ups are just amazing keep writing!
    Once again happy bday sris ❤
    Love uhh so much!

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    Years have put space between us
    Only of distance, love has been increased plus

    We had Good days of togetherness and we had bad
    Which I will never forget the days we had

    When I met you never thought you will be someone so close
    That you will wipe out all my false

    Somewhere in the roads we drifted apart
    Losing you made me hurt

    Still we were separating, but our friendship wasn't leaving
    We are besties, never deceiving

    I loved you, i love you, I will love you forever
    Just remember to remember me wherever!