• amulet 5w

    I've set this expectations of me on my own
    Then over time, it influences those people around me
    They started to think highly of me
    But, as I went on with life, reality hit me hard

    Just like that, I fell rockbottom with scraped knees, hoarse voice and blurry eyes
    Things I thought I was so good at
    Now, I feel so useless and out of place
    I started to feel so lost, comparing myself, questioning myself, and my existence
    Because I feel like I'm going no where

    Then, I got used seeing those eyes, those smiles, and encouraging words they all spout
    I know they're all full of white lies and pity
    I know deep down they're all dissapointed in me
    I know how much you're all sorry for me
    I know
    I know...