• lucidious_lucifer 6w

    Angel vs devil

    I know you have been through a lot,
    But it's good there's lot life has taught,
    Drinking and smoking isn't the solution,
    At end this gonna send you to a mental institution,
    Stop the partying, quit the smoking,
    Life has so much you just throwing,
    Begin with the confessions,
    will have answer to every questions,
    You have a family, you don't need a girlfriend,
    You have a brother, you don't need any friend,
    Put the Glock down you can still do many things,
    You ain't Lucifer, you are Maverick Wings,
    Be the bird, born from the ashes,
    You are the Phoenix with full of magic,
    Learn the way to live happily alive,
    Medications won't help you to survive,

    Speak of the devil here it arrives,

    Been through a lot no one will ever know,
    Life is so cruel you have to let go,
    Medication helps me forget the past,
    Weed helps to know you won't last,
    Come'on let's make up a deal,
    I know how you really feel,
    You are just Ted Bundy from inside,
    You don't want it to come outside,
    Take up the Glock and shoot yourself,
    No one cares if you shoot yourself,
    Your family will ultimately just move on,
    Sorry to say but you don't have any friends to move on,
    Your brother with get many more friends,
    Your life is in hell make these amends,
    You believed in the god,
    But he just pointed your life is flawed,
    Fixation is important to make it,
    You have the gun finally end it,

    Fine, I m just a freaking maniac,
    These things just make my mind blank.