• smartsam 6w

    Lonely in Crowds!

    Here is a story
    of shed & unsaid tears.
    Down on this earth most fear each other.

    Much of the GDP is losed
    on arms and weapons.
    Distrust each other
    humans fear humans.

    Poverty escalating
    troubles uprising.
    Of needs daily
    Prices so much rising.

    Life is so fast
    where people live in cities.
    Few left humble and many are lofty.

    Life is short
    People fall sick soon.
    Busy making money
    few time to wander in greens or see the moon!

    All group in and crowd
    but in real each one is
    so lonely.
    Love, kindness lost
    for most prime is money only.

    If life is such grim
    When all should be free.
    I wonder what life will soon come to be!