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    In this world, Everything we need starting from happiness till the sophisticated fullfillment, we need an initiative... It was around 5.30PM in the evening, myself and my sister @niranch_raji found a perfect place in Chennai Local Train near the Window. Asusual, the train was jam packed with the people of Chennai who comes out every weekend for a perfect purchase and a surprising bargain for the shopkeepers.
    There was a old lady in the train, whose age was 65+ who carries a bag in left shoulder and a tumbler in her right hand. She was pleading for money from the people in train and everyone in the train was busy in finding a perfect place for them. Some of the hyperactive people like me were busy in removing the knots in the headset.
    The old lady's voice was very emotional, when she begged for single penny from the people. She was standing at the mid of the pathway, where she couldn't move front or back, but still she was continuously pleading in her emotional old voice in the regional language.
    My sister @niranch_raji took a 10 ruppee note from her clutch and gestured me to drop in the Old lady's tumbler, who was pleading everyone.

    Within 10-15seconds, we were amazed to see, many were contributing their share to the old lady.
    I felt a bit guilty for not starting over but I am very happy for my sister @niranch_raji in taking an Initiative for this... Let us take her as an example and continue to take initiative on our Dreams and goals... To live happier life in our favour ahead....
    Everything Required an Initiative

    Until a Dream is Achieved...

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    Everything Required an Initiative