• suhrishhtee 49w

    Eyes meeting,
    Deep, silent sighs.
    Hearts disbelieving,
    They walked in,
    Stealing glances,
    Hesitant steps,
    Sat down to order,
    Looked up and said,
    "This can't be happening."
    "It's not real".
    "I feel I've known you forever."
    "This isn't what I need."
    They sat back
    Still holding the look,
    Neither blinking
    Unwilling to pull away.
    She suddenly gasped in pain,
    Held up her right hand,
    "I felt something shock me,"
    He looked down,
    Just as she said,
    "Oh,it happened again!"
    He reached out
    Grabbed her hand, turning it over
    Started massaging the palm.
    "Do you know what this line means?"
    She smiled and looked at him,
    "You can do better,if you want to hold my hand".
    She winced in pain,
    "It happened again!"
    He looked at her hand
    And pulled it to him
    Opened his mouth
    And sucked two of her fingers in.
    The server dropped a plate,
    The music stopped.
    She looked at him with her jaw dropped,
    He grinned
    "Is that better,then?"
    "Pay the cheque",
    Leaning in to kiss him,
    She said.