• bright_avids 6w

    A Love From Springs Afresh 001

    "From you have I been absent in the spring" -shakespare to his Lover,
    As love Bloomed it's glorious scents all over.
    While I sat between winters uncertainties and hover,
    With distance and scared heart as thoughts deep drained my Lover.

    Of what use a muse in the darkest trench,
    If to him the thirst and fury of anger I don't quench,
    And his gardens to demons left and tears without clench.
    What else, than be the Oceans of flames that make you drench.

    The muse with sweetest flutes to my heart,
    Harnessing my mind and the Channel spirit to my Art.
    Come, Oh!! Come, As I tell Earth of what Love I had from Start.
    How can I not tell them of an angel in my path and part?

    Alas now!!, From the winters bench I have risen,
    And my scared heart regaining hopes with more reason,
    To love the soul with charms to my heart without season.
    Putting aback every glimpse at sensitising heart treason..