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    Trust me, there's a beautiful world outside which can b all urs if u decide to make a collage out of the fragments of ur life...
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    Fragments = Collage

    Life sometimes, breaks you into such fragments in such a way that you won't even know how to join them.
    You become so helpless in such a time that you feel that life has been so unfair all this while..
    That pain inside which is storming your heart & brain makes you take some drastic steps which, can be completely avoided but your mind & heart won't be in the same place to compile the thoughts...
    Later when that drastic step fails & when your closed ones try & make you understand that there's a good life outside this broken fragmented world which can be created by only you with the help of your loved ones, you get a ray of hope.
    Be it faintly but, still that hope keeps you driving to make a better life & world for you & your loved ones..

    At the end, this fragmented world becomes a beautiful collage in itself which leads you to make a magnificent world for you which you will keep it close to your heart forever and ever... ©kvn_26