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    I know you are surrounded by the people who adores you, respects you and moreover matches your intensity, unlike me who just expresses via words. You know my life was a too much happening one when you were around and now it's just some routine that I am bound to follow.

    You said me there will be days when I will find a better closure and then it won't be about you anymore, I will realise this when you go away from me, but see this distance is bringing me more closer to you. It just isn't enough, I keep on penning about you.

    I miss the fights, the talks those little jokes and harder laughs. And since it's only me here now and no sign of you anywhere, I wonder how it would have been if you were there.

    May be this distance is to realize how important you are in my life, or may be it is meant for me to move on but how to do that when every single thing reminds me of you..? You said it would be easy with time and see when you are far away and I left here wondering it's getting more difficult to decide with passing time, to wait or to bid you a goodbye.

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    The distance, it makes it more difficult to decide, whether to wait, or move on.