• partha007 5w

    An Open Letter to My First.

    It's been months and I'm still struck here, trying to fall out of feelings I have for you.
    Sometimes it feels like I've left the baggage somewhere and then suddenly I come across our old pictures in my laptop and feel a dull pain in my heart. I tried moving on but it never worked. Whenever I read our old chats in my phone, all I could see is you and At that time when I don't have any photograph of us together in my phone, I have to use my high imagination skills to picture us together and I am pretty good at it. People say that some people are like storms, they abandon you after destroying every inch of you but you were like the snow, the rain of winter. Cold and peaceful. A tragedy disguised as a love song.
    Maybe you forgot because that's what we should do but guess what? I remember the exact day we started talking, how it was like being with you, how we always fought, promise each other that we'd never talk again, but after a couple of hours, we start loving each other again, and the day you broke my heart without knowing the fact that it will never be the same.
    I've been spending nights, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out why we couldn't work out.
    It wasn't easy. It felt like someone snatched away my favorite book, tore it into bits and burned it into ashes right infront of my eyes. Yeah you may think that's ridiculous but you know, how I am. I didn't know why you left. People tell me maybe I wasn't handsome enough or maybe we were too far away or maybe I wasn't perfect for you or maybe it wasn't the correct time. Now, I no more wish to know.

    Although it doesn't matter now but I want you to know that I've never blamed you as it was nothing but destiny, maybe we never had a future together and also, you'll always have a safe place in the farthest corner of my heart.