• zoleka 5w

    He said to me "I'd love to cry in your arms again"
    How many eons between now and then
    I felt the enigma in the air
    I remember wondering is he ready to share?
    Is he ready to settle down?
    Is he ready to look me in the eye like we're the only ones there?

    The island we lived on was a tropical paradise of passion fruits and Waters so still I swore the love would never leave
    I remembered our first encounter when he stumbled upon my shattered heart
    He picked it up and I began to feel free, breathe
    For the first time I was part of "we"
    We morphed into this majestic creature

    The chasm began to pull us apart
    Destroyed the "we"
    Paradise no longer had the appeal
    Fruits without passion
    Waters running a race of time,
    A time that seems to have erased the grace.
    I could already feel the cracks begin to make their way around my heart,
    They felt like home.
    I could no longer recognize his face
    A stranger
    He ripped out my heart and put it back into it's rightful place,
    The pain?
    Hard to erase.