• sanyamjain_ 5w

    All the stars you didn't see aren't shining any less but you wont know.
    All the nights you went to sleep didn't had any less stories but you dont know.

    If you manage to do what you can by the skin of your teeth
    Still there will be more unexplored sights than what you managed to see.

    You wasted your time contemplating about the future rendezvous
    Whilst the splendid lurid sunset was right in front of you.

    The unachievable standards that you're trying to maintain
    The fifty million checklist; Amsterdam, Jamaica, spain
    The sheer trepidation and panic about the things you can't fathom is making you go insane.

    You're surrounded by fascinating things for what it's worth
    The seven wonders aren't the only beautiful places left on this earth.