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    (Roger, an artist, with his ailing wife on bed. His only dream was to create a masterpiece! Will he ever be able to create one?!)

    Roger! Where are you?! Sara's weak voice tried to search for him!
    Ya dear, coming! A voice came, from the kitchen. Roger was in his late thirties, with his ailing wife in bed, his world has become topsy-turvy! He was an artist. It was difficult for him to gather a huge sum to save his wife's life. They couldn't afford to fancy treatments. She was the only one he had in this whole universe. And for her he was the universe!

    Life was all colourful, like a fairytale! Until Sara met with an accident. She had a hard hit on the spine. Making her paralysed, bed ridden for rest of her life. They had no one to look after, except for each other!

    Roger would try to cheer her up. Would try to pull her out of her vortex of thoughts. She would lie their, silent, thinking for long, but, would never reach a conclusion! Thoughts would create a whirlpool, in her mind. Only Roger could pull her out of it!

    My dear, come on, look here, see what I got for you! For us!.. it was a tiny weeny flower bearing plant, that Roger found in the backyard, amidst all the weeds. Ya, their backyard, previously an orchard, homing birds, flowers, greens really needed a lot of work on it.

    Oh! Lovely, Sara's eyes still had those twinkles, which would appear at times like this. Will please plant it for me in a pot and keep next to me? She asked Roger. He was more than happy. Of course, dear. In no time! He planted it in an almost broken pot, the only one he could get!

    Seeing the plant grow, slowly, inch by inch was Sara's favourite pass time! She was eager for it to flower. it was kept just beside the window, for the sunshine! Sara would look at it for long. It became her new source of content in the ongoing misery!

    Sara was getting better day by day. Roger could finally muster up some courage to put a deep smile on his face. He had never expected that a tiny weeny plant bring so much of change in their life!

    It was a windy night. Sky turned dark, with no stars to shine. Moon was well hidden by those dark clouds. Thunder and lightening signed the start of a down pour. Windows rattled, and it rained as though sky was breaking.

    Sara opened her eyes, to see her new found love, the plant, and for her surprise it just bore a flower! It was spectacular, bright as the colours on Roger's canvas!

    Roger , where are you?...come here this instance! She exclaimed! She was eager to show him that splendid flower, a true sight of joy. Roger approached the room with congested chest, not wanting Sara to know it. He would cough for hours in his room, covered with canvas and paints.

    Last night's down pour had shattered the plant, the only bud it had was broken and washed away. Roger knew just a thing, to paint it out! He grabbed his colors, brushes, palate, in that drenching rain, painted a never falling flower, his masterpiece!