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    Prince Satanopediaology's bhagvath githa

    SATAN: About you my lord, you should pay me because I'm doing those works which you should have done otherwise. All this announcements, notices and posts are not for entertainment, it is written to show what this planet is up to? It shows how well are humans progressing day by day in their duties and responsibilities. Each one of the post written has some message for the readers who aren't recognising it. I don't feel bad nor should the author because both of us are pawns in the game of that GOD ALMIGHTY, HE is enjoying the game but I fear when he sees that our work has got completed, HE would start HIS tactics and both of us don't know how would GOD play the remaining part of the game with humans and their gods. I have stayed with GOD for such a long time and till now I haven't understood anything about HIM. GOD is truly a mystery for everyone.