• kathryn5 9w

    " The Mantel Clock" 2019
    By Kathryn Ann Churchman

    Clock ticks
    In the distance.
    All the days
    Turn into years.
    No use
    Counting down the minutes.
    When you only have
    This life to live.

    Clouds pour
    Tears of sadness.
    The sun sends
    Rays of happiness.
    Will awaken us.
    While the night
    Brings peace with the Stars.

    Storms may form
    In the distance.
    Can become mountains.
    No matter
    Lost we may feel.
    Our faith in God
    Will guide us home.

    Sun setting
    In the distance.
    The ocean
    May seem endless.
    Though we can't
    Predict the future.
    Or know
    What the future holds.

    Keep living
    Life to the fullest.
    Remain truthful
    To yourself.
    Never let
    Your light grow dim.
    Or you will
    Lose who you are.