• jevon_gayles 5w

    just when i thought

    everytime i show up , worn down a little more than last time
    you've been there
    It doesn't matter what you see
    you love me
    I'm asking for just a reason , you ignore me
    sweeping up the pieces of me , you missed one
    crying when I'm alone , my hearts been twisted
    my heads hanging low again , you kissed it
    baby in your arms , they fix me
    It doesn't matter what you see
    you love me
    just when i thought, don't be your own victim
    smiling as you trick them
    voices in my head , telling me to sleep
    your eyes , i see them
    my hearts been yours from the first one
    doesn't matter how many amass
    loving you is my favorite thing , baby
    my memories know where to hurt me
    as before , you fix them
    when thinking back to the man I used to be , I don't miss him
    kiss me and then you'll see , baby i love you again and again