• darkeninginregret 22w


    They cornered me and pushed me against the wall

    They really tried to hurt me they tried to make me fall

    The girl that was once filled with alacrity was gone

    Instead I was replaced with darkness that made me strong

    Even though my mind was dark and there wasn’t any light

    The darkness that now filled my mind is what helped me to fight

    In the deepest corner of my thoughts I can hear their words

    Die Die Die

    And then I wonder what was their motive

    Was it because they were jealous or was it because I truly am worthless

    They filled my mind with more darkness; the kind that consumed me

    It shouldn’t have been like this it should have been better

    Because in the darkest corners of the past i see the light that was once there

    But they took it away

    It’s gone and it’s all their fault