• battygirl 30w

    Just when I thought I was over you

    I had one of those dreams last night where everything felt so real. In it was him and some other guy I had a crush one. Just me, my like, and my love. We were walking and talking in an unrecognizable location. Suddenly we hit a sensitive topic and I started to cry. My crush just stared, not sure what to do. But my unrequited love walked up to me and put his arm around me pulling me into a sidewalk that wasn't awkward but comforted me right away. I stop crying and he smiled. We kept walking and I soon forgot about my crush and he faded away from the dream. I wanted the moment with just me and my unrequited love to last forever. I woke up too soon and once I realized it was a dream, my heart sank. I still felt his arm around me for the rest of the day but I know I will never get to enjoy that feeling in real life. And just when I thought I was over him, I fell in love with a dream.