• simplyexpressing 9w


    A hand extended towards me, a tender hug,
    I dream of all these and more,
    On my heartstrings they pull, they tug,
    A soul connection in the days of yore

    Those songs that wax love & longing so pure,
    Awaken in me feelings of a love that has never been,
    That mirage of You is such a powerful lure,
    All tell me you can have a soul mate you've never met, never seen

    I know your touch, your smell, your gaze upon me,
    I know even though You I cannot see,
    I know you are all that I want, all that I need,
    They talk about Karma, you are the fruition to my good deed

    For in my dreams, You & I meet,
    We look, we talk, we love... On repeat...
    Can I live my life in the happy knowledge that you exist?
    Can I live my life in that fleeting vision, like a dew drop in a mist?