• jason82 5w


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    I met you during my 2nd year in High School, you were a freshman;
    I'll take that back,a fresh young lady;
    I still remember seeing you in those Grant Hill Fila sneakers;
    You probably didn't even know who wore them;
    But I did,they looked really cute on your feet;
    You always caught me looking at you & you'd look right back;
    One day one of your friends told me, I shouldn't be talking to you;
    But of course you'd never tell me that;
    Everyday,I'd sit with you until your ride came after school;
    I wish I had at least one class with you,I'd probably get your answers during test time;
    You're just so damn smart;
    You ended up going to another school & I hardly ever saw you again;
    The last time I heard about you,was when I saw your sister;
    She looks just like you, that's how I knew you both were related;
    I told her to let you know I said "Hi" ;
    Hopefully you got the message;
    Nowadays when I think about you;
    The first thing that comes to mind are those Fila sneakers;
    Damn, such a fresh young lady;