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    Dear Mahi,
    The finale of t20 World Cup. You took a what was then called an absurd decision and left everyone pissed for two minutes. But we won and people said we got lucky. It wasn't luck, it was the power of making an unique yet a sourceful decision.
    Years went off, cricket became an addiction. I used to cry everytime India lost but never after you said, "it's easier to win than to lose". You owned up failures than you celebrated successes.
    I could go on. Through all my life I remember thinking about you when I failed. To own up failures, to take impulsive decisions, to smile through fear, to chase our dreams to the farthest end, you have taught us a lot.
    This isn't a goodbye, we will see you again in yellow. Though we can no longer hope for a last over Miracle in blue again.
    Thankful for all the memories, all the trophies, all the sixes and all the wickets that only you Could have made. You will be missed through every single ball.
    Evangelin Sam