• thestalker1 10w

    /we should escape from each other, but let's not/

    Maybe you were along for the ride
    but nobody told you
    where or who you're
    really going with

    You only thought it would be
    something good for you —
    an escape for a while
    to things you can't tell

    But you weren't careful enough
    to know what you'll find
    in the ride's duration

    Like how bumpy some roads are
    or that there's no great navigation
    no maps, solid directions
    street signs, traffic lights

    You weren't the best driver,
    and I wasn't the best navigator —
    maybe you were along for the ride,
    but then again, maybe you're not
    when you found this out

    Because we never talked
    about why we'd hit the road
    and what we're escaping from