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    Stepping out of my comfort zone here. Meaning sharing wise, I usually just keep this within my notebook or share with the mister and call it good. However, time to spread the wings and stop being so coy. Pretty bad when my 10 year old is now going about saying "I'm so sexy I'll date myself", lol ya he's only 10. So, I figured I could start putting my sexiness out there as well lol.

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    Counting sheep

    As I lay here to go to sleep
    Counting sheep is not
    How I want to go to sleep tonight.

    Laying here I don't count sheep
    I have your lips with me tonight
    Having your arms around
    Me all night long.
    For I'm not counting sheep tonight
    For its your lips all over my bod'

    Let me take you onto a new level
    Of stars tonight
    As my lips touch your body
    Turning it into another galaxy.
    Let each touch, ignite the
    Epic the stories within Galaxies.
    Lay down, count your sheep.

    As I place each kiss upon your
    Your here, the edge lips where you
    Smile, each side.
    Down with my tongue I braze a trail,
    For another kiss upon your chin.
    Down with my tongue I braze a trail,
    For another kiss down your neck.
    Yes, start counting those kisses
    For they'll take you to our Galaxy.

    Now I lay you down to sleep
    I shall count the kisses
    You place upon me
    As we float up into the stars
    With each kiss you place they'll
    Only take me closer to the Galaxy
    Of where we will become one.